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activities must be various. Everyone engaged in
them must be thinking for himself and not waiting
for orders. The only dictatorship he will recog-
nise is the dictatorship of the plain understanding
and the invincible fact.
And if this culminating Revolution is to be
accomplished, then the participation of every
conceivable sort of human being who has the
mental grasp to see these broad realities of the
world situation and the moral quality to do
something about it, must be welcomed.
Previous revolutionary thrusts have been
vitiated by bad psychology. They have given
*-great play to the gratification of the inferiority
complexes that arise out of class disadvantages.
It is no doubt very unjust that anyone should be
better educated, healthier and less fearful of the
world than anyone else, but that is no reason
why the new Revolution should not make the
fullest use of the health, education, vigour and
courage of the fortunate. The Revolution we
are contemplating will aim at abolishing the
, bitterness of frustration. But certainly it will
do nothing to avenge it, Nothing whatever.
Let the dead past punish its dead.
It is one of the most vicious streaks in the
Marxist teaching to suggest that all people of
wealth and capacity living in a community in